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BUDS - Wireless, personalisable Bluetooth headphones, BUDS encourage music sharing whilst combating the anti-social playing of music through phone loudspeakers in public places
BUDS - Overview - A pair of induction chargeable headsets each with their own power supply, Bluetooth receiver and collapsible ear loop to make sharing music with friends easier than ever
BUDS - Details - Catches on the top & bottom of the product release the Cap. Volume Up & Down and Play/Forward/Back controls are on the right bud only. Power & Sync buttons are on both
BUDS - Use - Each headphone contains its own low power Bluetooth receiver which syncs directly with a Bluetooth capable device or alternatively with the supplied Bluetooth transmitter
BUDS - Development - The shapes chosen from the concept stage were worked up in Illustrator to try and determine which was best to take forward. Personalisation options were also explored
BUDS - Concepting - Early concepts focussed on how to charge and sync the headphones and creating a range of shapes which would allow the two headphones to link together for ease of transport
BUDS - Inspiration - The drive to combat the anti-social playing of music through cell phone loudspeakers and a desire to make the sharing of music through headphones as simple as it should be
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Wireless, personalisable bluetooth headphones to encourage music sharing while eliminating anti-social music play back in public places

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Simon Enever
CEO & Founder of quip--------------------------------- Principal of byDEFAULT New York, NY