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CANDELA - Based on a year’s work, CANDELA brings the relaxing properties of eco-friendly Soy candles to a younger audience by creating a safe, convenient and modern candle lantern
CANDELA - Overview - CANDELA aims to encourage a younger, broader audience to use candles by providing push button lighting and extinguishing, a safe enclosed flame and a retro modern aesthetic
CANDELA - Use - Pressing the on button (left) ignites a piezo lighter and lights the candle. Pressing the off button (right) rotates the snuffer to instantly extinguish the flame
CANDELA - Features - Replacing the candle is mess free. Once burnt out, the top of the lamp screws off, a flap covering the candle lifted and the candle in its sheath is unscrewed and lifted out
CANDELA - Development - Having worked out the mechanics, ancient candle and oil lanterns were the aesthetic inspiration. These Photoshop visuals were produced for the final concept selection stage
CANDELA - Sketching - User research suggested convenience, safety and image were the main points stopping the target market buying candles, so early concepts were aimed at combating these issues
CANDELA - Inspiration - Candle products are a growing billion dollar industry dominated almost entirely by women. The idea was to create a candle based device aimed at a younger, broader audience
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Bringing the relaxing properties of eco-Soy candles to a younger audience by creating a safe, convenient and modern alternative to candles

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Simon Enever
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