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MANTIS - After observing how often people read whilst at the breakfast bar, MANTIS provides a convenient and stimulating place to store newspapers, magazines and books following use
MANTIS - Overview - A quirky looking stool designed to make a statement whilst having the added functionality of storing the reading material often used whilst sat eating at the breakfast bar
MANTIS - Features - The triangular shape allows several magazines, newspapers & books to be stored inside and the open right hand side acts as a bookmark when an open paper is draped over it
MANTIS - Range - The anodised aluminium construction gives good strength to weight properties and allows for various colour options, completing the quirky look of the stool
MANTIS - Development - Having decided on a triangular configuration for storing the media, Photoshop visuals of the six chosen concepts were created from which to choose one to develop further
MANTIS - Concepting - The focus of the early conceptualisation was around which way was best to stack and store the books, newspapers and magazines whilst maintaining a visually appealing product
MANTIS - Inspiration - The idea behind the MANTIS came from observing how often people read newspapers or magazines at breakfast bars which are usually narrow places with little room for clutter
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After observing how people read at the breakfast bar, this stool provides a convenient and unique place to store newspapers, magazines and books

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