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MOD - MOD Combines the advantages of a large, touch screen media player with a small robust stick MP3 player designed for use during recreation, into a modular but unified product
MOD - Overview - MOD combines the immersive experience of a large, touch screen PMP with the robustness and convenience of a stick mp3 player into a unified, seamless and iconic device
MOD - Use - The angular aesthetic allows for a great Wi-Fi multiplayer experience, whilst the clip on the rear of the MP3 player allows the device to be secured to clothing during use
MOD - Details - The MP3 is joined to the screen through its jack slot, allowing the MP3 to be rotated to act as a stand. Micro USB, HDMI and SD CARD ports provide great expansion options
MOD - Development - A retro, angular design was chosen to make the device seamless both together and apart. Detailing became key & this Illustrator pattern exploration was an important part
MOD - Concepting - Concepting focused on finding the most intuitive, seamless way to combine the devices whilst making them both equally as seamless and functional when separated
MOD - Inspiration - From owning an iPhone for immersive media playing AND an iPod shuffle for use during sports, combining the two into one device seemed a natural step to aid synchronisation

Combining the advantages of a large touch screen device with a small robust device purely for listening to media during recreation, into a single product

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Simon Enever
CEO & Founder of quip--------------------------------- Principal of byDEFAULT New York, NY