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NOMAD - Utilising efficient, programmable and robust OLED panels, NOMAD is an induction chargeable wireless lamp, safe in any environment and capable of projecting any colour light
NOMAD - Overview - A lightweight, robust, wireless, induction charged OLED lamp. Safe to use in any environment and can be angled to face any direction thanks to its weighted, faceted design
NOMAD - Features - One of the great benefits of OLED panels is that they are self illuminating and can be programmed to glow whatever colour or light intensity desired
NOMAD - Use - The induction charging unit slots magnetically into a feature on top of the product. Strategically positioned weights allow the light to rest at six different angles
NOMAD - Development - Four concepts were chosen to take forward to an interim stage where a Photoshop visual was created to help decide which of the variants to develop further
NOMAD - Concepting - A broad range of shapes were explored with the focus on creating a lamp that worked equally as well as an up lighter as down lighter and both on a bedside table and wireless
NOMAD - Inspiration - Having completed a dissertation on OLEDs as a future lighting source, I felt inspired to create a lamp which took advantage of some of the unique properties OLEDs posses
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Utilising efficient, programmable OLED panels,NOMAD is an induction chargeable wireless lamp, safe in any environment that can project any color light

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Simon Enever
CEO & Founder of quip--------------------------------- Principal of byDEFAULT New York, NY