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S7-SERIES - An update to the successful S-Series, the S7 uses the same sustainable bamboo, but blends it with a new shape, aluminium chassis and the brand new Windows Phone 7 software
S7-SERIES - Overview - The S7-SERIES is a Windows Phone 7 device aimed at attracting users who want to stand out from the iPhone crowd using its bamboo casing and unique camera orientated shape
S7-SERIES - Details - The phone uses Micro SIM and SD cards to save space, has Micro HDMI and USB ports for connectivity and an 8 megapixel camera with Xenon flash and dedicated camera buttons
S7-SERIES - Features - The phone was designed from the ground up to match the specifications required to use the latest Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system, due out at the end of this year
S7-SERIES - Development - Having developed the shape, subtle detailing was key to complementing the organic aesthetic. Illustrator concepts helped to decide on the preferred graphical treatment
S7-SERIES - Concepting - Keeping the essence of the original product was important in the concepting stage, with the camera handle shape being a key design feature to keep in the new incarnation
S7-SERIES - Inspiration - Following the success of the original S-Series Bamboo phone I wanted to update the series with the latest hardware & software and a new, modern & sophisticated aesthetic
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An update to the successful S-Series, utilising sustainable bamboo but blending it with a new shape, aluminium chassis and Windows Phone OS

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Simon Enever
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