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Ironing has always been a necessary part of housework that is seen as irritating and time-consuming by most users. Additionally, in the course of social development, the target group has changed. Ironing is no longer a job solely for the classic housewife. The textiles to be ironed have also adjusted to the trends and developments of the textile industry. Ironing, therefore, has to be made possible in an attractive and comfortable way for the users. Starting from the need to be able to iron textiles in different shapes and sizes, an iron emerged that, on the one hand, allows a flexible handling and, on the other hand, has a wide range of usage opportunities through a varying ironing surface. The “Satzeisen” is designed according to usability and can comfortably be used wirelessly. The solution for this is an electric heating station and an ironing sole plate where both sides can be used.

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Simon Linden
Industrial Designer (BA) Essen, Germany