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RSA Collaborative Consumption

My big idea is based on people coming together and borrowing a variety of garden tools in exchange for a prepaid token.

The concept is sharing knowledge between experienced gardeners and new residents to the local area. Many existing allotments have poorly maintained sheds where tools are prone to been taken, or are in a poor condition.

The proposed use will be this:
A token key is purchased through either magazines, online or through the local newsagents. It’s then posted to the residents address with a unique code and relevant information about growing plants as well as other useful information. Residents can instantly begin to use the tools at their convenience. The local part is a structure, which acts as a rain shelter. When it rains, water is collected from the roof into a large tub where it is stored and later used by the gardeners. The design incorporates a trellis wall to enable gardeners to exchange tips and advice as well as stick posters, lost personal items and seeds.

Simon Morrall
Product Design Student Leek, United Kingdom