For me, Stella's lines symbolize the structure of an ice floe standing in the middle of the sea. While designing it, I was inspired by the volumes formed by the pieces broken off from the ice mass. In order to bring all the interior architecture together with more daylight, many exterior surfaces are made of glass. Thanks to these glass surfaces carrying the lines integrated with the body, the internal and external relations are blended with each other.
Her sophisticated, yet continuous & lean exterior styling lines give her privilege from other superyachts that are below 500GT.
The privacy & comfort of the owner is the main approach for designing the layout, master cabin is located at the front which has working area, dressing room, bathroom and a special spa for only master’s use. Esline 78 designed, while I was working @redyachtdesign as the chief exterior designer.

Project Chief Exterior Designer
Serdar Sisman

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Serdar Sisman
Industrial Design, Creative Director İstanbul, Turkey