XSR 155

While designing it, I was inspired by modern architectural structures, rather than traditional yacht architecture, to reflect its spirit better. I tried to create living spaces that would combine the closed areas with the sunshine and the view of the sea, and ensure that the inner and outer volumes are connected naturally. Mainly, I wanted to reveal the comfort and luxury of it without disturbing its spirit of naturalness. Besides all these, I aimed to differentiate it with an innovative and original design line without compromising its modern and sports appearance. In this model, which offers more volume thanks to its extended and enlarged body structure, I have worked on many other special sections where the owner can have a good time, such as jacuzzi and sunbathing areas. XSR 155, designed together with the Red team, while I was working @redyachtdesign as the chief exterior designer.

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Serdar Sisman
Industrial Design, Creative Director ─░stanbul, Turkey