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Graff Totem' Up - A vector i created of a hip hop graffiti totem pole
A Good Days Work - A pen sketch on a calender I did before i left the navy
Mr Sketch - A Illustrator piece i creatied with my signature character the pencil cause my name is Sketch
Puerto Rican Day blast - a piece I designed for my clothing line for the 2008 puerto tican day parade.
Sketch - A Graff piece of my name sketch
a work of art done soley from adobe illustrator. this work is all digital.
the aztec skull - an adobe photoshop piece. fully digital
Neffertitti y sketch - a all digital painting done by yours truly
Sketch Graff - A Digital graffiti piece of yours truly SKETCH
The Thought - A graphic piece I had done for a Dolce and Gabana Layout
Obsession - Graphic Layout for a Calvin Klein ad
breakin done for urban image apparel