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This is my senior project, a device that charges an iphone five through body movement. Using a magnetic linear alternator, even the slightest movements can generate power. The potential end result is not only a new way to generate power but to change a persons life style to one that is more sustainable and active.
I don't actually know how this works but I completed the sketch for a small presentation I had to do, and had to guess what was in the interior.
This is cutaway number 2. I took this dryer off of google, looked at an internal diagram of a basic hair dryer, and guessed what it would look like. Done in Sketchbook pro.
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This is a compilation of various cut-away drawings that I will complete for work or for fun.

Please note the original Designs ARE NOT mine, they are simply chosen off the web and I guess how it looks inside. I DO NOT take credit for the initial concept, just the section view of the product.