Kestrel Airfoil Pro Triathlon Frame - 2004 IDEA Gold Award. Kestrel's latest - and fastest - carbon fiber aerodynamic masterpiece. The radical new Airfoil Pro redefines the triathlon bike. A full range of frame sizes, in two wheel diameters. Integrated new "Airfoil Pro" fork design, and modular seat-and chain-stays for streamlined production.
Airfoil development round one
Introduction of the frame in 2004 colors. A 50% savings on tooling, and 40% savings on each molded frame.
go faster - Chris McCormack testing the Kestrel Airfoil Pro in the Low Speed Wind Tunnel in San Diego.
Chris McCormack and Airfoil Pro, before the race - Macca rode the Airfoil Pro to a strong second place in the 2006 Ironman World Championships in Hawaii. 2007!
Kestrel Airfoil Pro bicycle frame
Sean Horita
Industrial Design Manager Seattle, WA