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AirDough model - Made from pliable air-drying dough to create an ergonomic design for the phone
Back of 'Rapid texter phone' - Highlighting the feature on the back, two cavities for finger placement while texting
High Density Polysterene Model Front - The resulting model created with dimensions taken from original AirDough idea.
High Density Polysterene Model Back - Back of model
Original AirDough creation and resulting polystyrene model
Both Models 2 - Buttons and screen added to polystyrene model
Both Models 3 - The buttons on grip arms, bottom-right could be 'Spacebar' with bottom-left is 'Backspace' to save time and try to incorporate the use of more fingers in the texting process. the top two are rests for middle fingers to aid stability
Both Models 4 - Rear view of both models
Grip Close-up DOUGH - Original AirDough model buttons
Grip Close-up POLY - Close shot of the right grip to show the button placement
Finished Model - Polystyrene model finished with a Cherry Red gloss body with gloss black screen and finger rests and a Matt white on all buttons to create a contrast
Rear view of finished model and original AirDough creation
Rapid texter phone prototype model
2010 Modelmaking Electronic Device Rapid Texter Phone
David Manton
Student (DIT - Product Design) Dublin, Ireland