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Main chair component - Made from 4 profiles with a wrap-around cover made from 2 50cm wide lengths
with "Rising sun"/Macedonian flag design on side.
Chair with additional foot rest - Foot rest addition is made using the same technique as the chair itself; 4 vertical profiles wrapped in a single 50cm wide cover sheet, slotted at intervals
Foot rest storage - The footstool, which serves as an addition to the chair which converts the design into a relaxer also contains a storage space as part of its key function. Turning the piece on its side reveals 3 compartments which provide space space for;
• Shoes
• Slippers
• Magazines
• knitting material
• remote controls
Model variations - Modeled with Solidworks
Rendered with Keyshot
2011 Design project - Cardboard Chair
David Manton
Student (DIT - Product Design) Dublin, Ireland