2015-2016 Holiday Cards | PIXOMONDO

Our CEO wanted to have pop-up cards created both for crew and clients. The cards would be sent out both for holidays and early in the new year, so it was best to veer for a "new years" theme with 2016.

I was responsible for designing and printing the cards.

We die cut the 2016 on poster paper and included tabs after some trial and error. I included lines on the cards as a guide after realizing the challenges of manually gluing the die cut shape straight.

I ran off about 200 double-sided cards on an HP 24" DesignJet and was responsible for both cutting and scoring. After that I was fortunate to have some help in folding and gluing the cards.

(We had a non-pop up version for our crew, since it would be time consuming to create 700 additional pop-up cards!)

Sirena Ung
Creative Producer Los Angeles, CA