2017 Halloween Cards

We created about 600 Halloween cards for our global crew as a thank you.

I was prompted to design something the gift cards that had a "creepy" appearance. After some image research, skeletons became a viable option. This resulted in a zoom in on a skeleton's teeth... with modifications!

I printed about 600 cards and envelopes using 8.5x11" 100lb Accent Opaque Cover and Konika Minolta Bizhub C7000. The cards were double-sided prints with one score.

The envelopes required three scores and four cuts. I cut the tabs manually using scissors and our awesome office admins helped fold them together with a hot glue gun.

Inside each card was a Starbucks Gift Card, attached by removable glue dots. The cards and envelopes were prepped and mailed to each branch to distribute.

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Sirena Ung
Creative Producer Los Angeles, CA