Skelanimals: Snowball Spectacular

I was a junior designer and illustrator for Skelanimals: Snowball Spectacular, Tokyopop's second mobile game. This one-player snowball game featured two playable characters, Pen the Penguin and Kit the Cat.

I was primarily responsible for creating environments and additional assets for the game, including hills, bushes, ice stacks, puddles, logs... and items for the characters to hide behind during the snowball fight! This was a combination of modifying assets from pre-existing artwork and creating brand new art.

Melee Mode
For melee mode, the player goes against all the other characters at once in a nonstop snowball frenzy.

The environments were randomized compared to main mode and didn't require interactive elements. I was only creating artwork for the top portion of the screen.

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Sirena Ung
Creative Producer Los Angeles, CA