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Project “LETTERPRESS”: my passion . . .

WOW! Touch wood…This is my first composition made with monotype wooden letterpress blocks. Sizing 2ft by 2ft, wooden framed. I am planning to add this into my exhibition on typography.

From last 2 long years I have been searching for these blocks from old press in city and internationally on ebay which was a reliable source to collect. Family, friends and people around me started calling me crazy person looking for letterpress blocks.

Thanks! to people who are helping me to make this possible.

I wanted to share this with you people to get feedback.

Comments (38)
  • Yep! bhumika . . .i don't allow anybody to touch it . . .planing for exhibition in 2014...thanks for your comment.

    9 years ago

  • this is just amazing sir, might be very precious to you!

    9 years ago

  • hey! thanks Ousmane

    9 years ago

  • fantastic job ! well done

    9 years ago

  • thanks!! K Sobanja and eugene

    9 years ago

Sudhir Kuduchkar
Graphic Design Ahmedabad, India