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3 in 1 Games - Here the 4th games, its a 3in1 Games : Golf, Basket, Bowling. Its a One Push Button Games and As usual this is a Free Game
Warteg Games - This is my first java games design for mobile phone. im using pixel arts style to create all the design aspect. except the splash screen.

Warteg is a local small restaurant in Indonesia.
Ultimate Bento Games - this is the 5th games, its Ultimate Bento. Its a simple puzzle game and As usual this is a Free Game
Hangman Games - well this is the second one. N its Free too..
Bajaj Games - N here the third one.. BAJAJ..
Bajaj is a local transportation vehicle which is very popular in Indonesia.
well the design is using pixel art too.

this is a simple game, u must avoid all the obsticle until finish line. there is 6 level.
Ghost War Games - This is my latest free java games called Ghost War.
Java Games
Felix Angkawibawa
Digital Designer / Art Director Jakarta, Indonesia