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100 Poster Battle 2020–2021

@100posterbattle—one poster a day, for a hundred days, the span of a semester. Inspired by daily events from politics and current affairs. With the aim to try out different techniques, beyond the limits of conventional tools.

Editor: Dortmund University of Applied Sciences
Publisher: Slanted Publishers
Release: September 2021
Supervision and Text: Prof. Lars Harmsen
Design: Chantal Dübel, Claudia Müller, Nina Kallerhoff, Janine Krause, Saeeda Shabbir, Sinan Akpinar
Volume: 244 pages
Format: 180 × 240 mm
ISBN: 978-3-948440-29-9
Price: € 30.–

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Slanted Publishers
Editor, Designer, Publisher Karlsruhe, Germany