This rear end cap with rubber overmoulding was one of the most satisfying parts of the design for me to work on and look at.
EVOLUTION R180IDR-Li Cordless Impact Driver

I developed the styling and bodywork for this great 18V cordless impact driver during my 8.5 years at Evolution Power Tools.
The brief was to create a fresh design to match a gearbox we chose after some exhaustive hands-on testing (by myself and a colleague)

With the gearbox as a starting point, I started sketching to work out the styling, knowing that we had to mate up to the gearbox's established form and mounting holes. We specified that we wanted LED's on the front, though. When we found styling we liked, I built up the model in SolidWorks. All the bodywork, overmoulds, the battery interface... Everything. The tool is an excellent performer and this was an extremely satisfying model to develop and create. A My favourite part is the flow of the mounting lugs and the orange rubber end cap.

A good product that works well, designed for a good purpose. A good use of anyone's time and talent.

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S. Lee Price
Freelance Product Designer Sheffield, United Kingdom