Plywood Modular Bike (2004)

The triumphant result of a Wood Manufacturing project I undertook in 2004.

This modular bike/ scooter/ kart system was made using moulded plywood. The various wood parts connected with dowels and rubber bands to make many configurations using BMX wheels and steering tubes fitted into wooden connector blocks.

The frame, connectors the fork/bars were created from two moulds. The fork/bars were laminated and bias-cut from the same "candybar" shape as the 90° and 180° connectors and were surprisingly strong.

This product had enough strength to support my weight and steer while riding (I was about 175lb) and was great fun to roll around on.

Sadly, she succumbed to vandalism in 2007.

Haters gonna hate.

These photos are all that remain and my love of moulded plywood is intact.

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S. Lee Price
Freelance Product Designer Sheffield, United Kingdom