Storyboard Sketches for Animation

These are from a project I did a while back for a smart shopping centre in Glasgow. The idea was to feature simulator rides in a cool, re-usable interactive enclosure rather than the usual silly "Santa's Grotto" scene. I wrote and storyboarded 4 different films with the goal being an action-packed animated ride film with motion programming for an exciting (and festive) ride experience for all ages. I had the scene start in the client's mall, then take the user off on a wild ride that somehow crashes safely back where we started from. The concept of a Christmas themed simulator ride is unique and had not been done anywhere at the time.

The first (largest) storyboards are my favourite of the bunch "Santa's Distribution Centre", but the runners-up are also pretty good, so I'll share them too. "Santa's Space Station", the "Time Travel" scenario or even the "Benign Kiddie Ride Goes Crazy"!

What ideas does Coroflot like?

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S. Lee Price
Freelance Product Designer Sheffield, United Kingdom