Wedding Touchup - Utilized Adobe Photoshop to clean, lighten, perfect the image.
Image Fix
Image Fix - Utilized photoshop to define the image and clean imperfections.
Image Fix - utilized Adobe Photoshop to fix imperfections.
D-Win - Utalized Adobe Photoshop to manipulate the image and add a creative background.
Flyer - Used existing images and manipulated them into a flyer.
Flashing Lights - this is my friends photo. I utilized Adobe Suite to manipulate the image. I took out the shine in his glasses, added color back into his eyes, took cracks out of lips, straightened his beard, changed the color of his jacket, and took out some scars. Since the scars make my friend who he is I didn't take them all out.
Tek - Utalized filters in Adobe Photoshop to change hue and intensity.
Photo Manipulation