Obama - Hand drew then inked. Utilized Photoshop to color image and Illustrator to add font details. (Sold to my client)
We're Cousins - Had fun with this one.
Photo Shoot 2009 - Modeling Scene for 2009
Fashion Freak
Personal T-Shirt Design
What The F*$k
Ohh Henry!!! - Personal tee shirt design.
Ohh Henry!!!! - Drew image and manipulated it in Photoshop and Illustrator.
Fucking Banana's! - Took photographed image and utilized live trace to perfect image. Hand drew box and banana.
Go Colorful!
Ohh Angee - Took images of Angelina and vectorized them and made a pattern. See shirt in previous picture.
Please Don't Shoot!
Three Gals Falling
Milk Chocolate - Hand drew and inked. Used Photoshop to render image for a client
Fight For Your Rights
Kiss Me
Think Science
Happy To See Me?
Tee Design