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S.Studio Girls - character portrait
Death Monk - resurrected from the dead and out looking for some blood
Enchantress - birth of the enchantress
The Addict - Guilty as charged.... been drinking too much of the magic brew. hehe. anyone up for a cup?
Inner Soul - everyone got their own inner character they hide from others. so i guess halloween is the best time to let it all out.

submitted for DBH tee design, check it out here

Half Eaten - revamped from an artwork i had

inspired by medusa. girl and snake monster merging together.

submitted for DBH tee design, check it out here

Eye Of Beholder - Seeing is not always believing

DBH submission
Alien Pet - Pet Fido trying hard to rip off the wrapper off the Halloween candies

subbed to DBH at http://www.designbyhumans.com/vote/detail/30715

pets, monster, halloween, candy
Sashimi Galore - simply crazy about the raw slices of seafood with tint of wasabi. mmmm..

Submitted for threadless
N-In-Jar Training - N-In-Jar training hard in the secret valley.

submission to threadless http://www.threadless.com/submission/181394/N_In_Jar_Training
Pumpkin Kat - little witch kitty out in the fields preping the perfect pumpkin for her owner
Happy Halloween!
MILK - inspired by all the milk incidents recently...
Green Tiger v2 - redid the color
KO - careful who you are messing with...
KeraMuse Rendered - revamped version of an old artwork.
Ginger - finally decided to draw Ginger.

WIP: http://sloth79.deviantart.com/art/Ginger-Tutorial-108817102
Trippin' & Rollin' - Loves how clumsy baby pandas can look when they walk, especially with their size. So decided to one in motion of it tripping over nothing

Subbed it to Threadless, so do help vote at http://www.threadless.com/submission/194355/Trippin_amp_Rollin
Freedom Flight - To break free from all the restrains and live one’s dreams. Sometimes life is too short to be kept within a box of self pity.

Closeup : http://sloth79.deviantart.com/art/Freedom-Flight-Closeup-110988203

subbed for DBH, votes will be greatly appreciated! :D
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Terence Koh
Singapore, Singapore