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LM WILDCAT (First prize Grabcad/500G design challenge)

Not so easy to deal with this type of cars ... they have an identity and a very big personality and a lot of constraints related with the world of competition. Here's how I approach things! I will try to decode all the elements that make these types of cars they are. When we look closely we find on all cars of common visual elements that are always present (wing,nose, cockpit ... to speak only of ones). These elements have a direct impact on the performance of the car ... aerodynamics, ground support, Cx .... etc. The goal for me will be to propose a car definitively designed for racing but while revisiting the style LMP to make it look a bit break with what one knows. The car must reflect the sportiness, performance, speed and at the same time propose a feline style and aesthetic lines. To reinforce this aspect of the car, the use of premium materials is obvious, such as carbon ...

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Sylvain Gerber
Industrial designer at PARROT Paris, France