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Drew this character few years back, Later when I started my blog ' Lunch bx feast', I wanted a cover page. And so I coloured it in Adobe Photoshop and here is the my blog's cover page
This is the original coloured frame
Here is my blog's initial cover page
This was done to make a poster for the Bihu Festival, celebrated in Assam. Character is referred from a real image of a man playing dholak and later his features were exaggerated.

I was always fascinated drawing older man and women. So here are two images of oldmen
Oldwoman too
This is how it looked when I coloured in Photoshop
And after some lighting and effects
After watching the movie 'Hero' I very much wanted to draw a poster for it
Zhang Ziyi , an actor from the movie 'hero'
Jet Li, Another lead character from the movie 'hero'
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Digital art

Ever since I brought my wacom, its been a major medium for drawing and stetching and animating. It makes life so much easier since there is no word such as scanner involved here. Here are few explorations on colouring in Adobe Photoshop