work desk - iconic design by two connected layers
"clip"couchtable - couchtable serving at clotheshanger during night time. see at
dustbin - dustbin could be seald with a ordinary magazine, resp. serves as support for reading. useful for people who like to read on the toilet.
64 colors shelf - a lot of shelves are beautiful, ... ,as long as nothing but a few selected items are placed within! my shelf looks the same full or empty, by metal shutters. color scheme inspired by art of Gerhard Richter. see it at
SOHO multimedia workplace - SOHO working place funcional and elegant working environment for privat home pc or small office computer. Upper part houses monitor and keyboard, bottom part for main computer. All cables run inside. Lights and speakers built in. Usable while standing or sitting on bar stool.
Stephan Hauser
Diplom-Designer Yokohama, Japan