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Ground Floor. Lobby area features semi-secluded seating areas for rest or quick meetings. Check-in is incorporated into the central water feature. Baggage check is part of the elevator bank for ease of transport. Concierge services are located near the main entrance.
Lobby rendered floor plan
Ground Floor RCP
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My crazy Ground Floor section
Water feature process drawing
Final 3 floor water feature
Lobby Render
Process for 1st floor
Process for 1st floor
1st Floor. Purple areas are Event and Meeting spaces. Green area is indoor garden enveloping a large Teahouse with three smaller seating areas.
Guest breakfast dining area bumping up against my restaurant.
Tea House with three smaller seating areas surrounded by indoor green space.
Executive Club.
Executive Club RCP
Executive Club FFE
Process for Pres. Suite entry
Process for Pres. Suite
Process for Pres. Suite 2
Final Presidential Suite rendered floorplan.
Presidential Suite RCP
Process sketching for restaurant
Process sketching for restaurant
My odd Franco-Japonais fusion restaurant
FFE for restaurant
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Shinjuku Grand Hotel

This is the largest project in my portfolio. I was part of a 4 member team of Grad students - all with different levels of experience - tasked with programming and designing a 5 star health and wellness hotel located in Tokyo, Japan. The initial design concept was a 'spider's web'. I've included the areas I worked on - there is much more that I collaborated on not included here.

The Ground floor includes a lobby, check-in, dining & retail spaces. The 1st floor has conference & meeting spaces, breakfast/dining area, and an indoor green space with a Japanese style tea house. The floors are linked by three story water feature. The Presidential Suite and Executive Club was a collaboration with Angela Williams. The final portion is a restaurant meant to be a French/Japanese fusion spot. This is my only project done in Metric.

I omitted the 2 floor spa, a half dozen other guest rooms, the 2rd floor of the retail/dining/event spaces, many renders, and lots of process.

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