Uniden 5.8 GHz Base Station. Created initially as a mockup for CES in 2002, this speculative design ended up influencing much of Uniden's industrial design language for the next 2-3 years. It also caught CNN's attention, so they featured it on their coverage of the show. The design and technology are both aging, but viewed in the very pre-iPhone context of 2002, this differed greatly and was more lifestyle-oriented than any of the gee-whiz robo-looking tech products of the day. A humble product, but a big win for me early in my career.
Plus V3 Projector. Designed in 2003, the V3 was the thinnest projector in the world. It utilized a collapsible lens structure to minimize thickness when stored and had a footprint smaller than an 8.5"x11" piece of paper.
Uniden DECT Cordless Phone. Even with an extremely tight budget, Uniden's 2003 DECT phone, as the pinnacle of 2.4GHz technology, still had to portray an aggressively "high tech" image. To accomplish this, we based the design on simpler and more elegant surfacing than most other phones had at the time. Front pieces were masked and painted to provide a low-cost, but dynamic color break. I worked on this project from first sketches through its final days of engineering.
Unident 2003 DECT handset.
2006. I helped out with some detail design and Pro/E work on this iPod-based alarm clock. More info on this one at www.speckofdustin.com
RCA Cable Concept Rendering. "Ronin" One of several concepts for a major redesign of a line of audio visual cables. Loosely inspired by samurai armor. A fun one to render.
Cable Concept Rendering:: "Centipede" Thinking about the tight spaces behind A/V components inspired the idea of a flexible connector that allowed the cables to bend easily.
For a couple of years, I did some freelance 3D visualization work for a few companies. Images I created were typically used for packaging or advertising purposes. This one was for Uniden, around 2004.
A rendering from my Uniden days. I was experimenting with texture mapping details like buttons and color breaks on simple geometry to save modeling time early in the design process. I pushed this one as far as I could and ended up winning a top prize in a rendering competition sponsored by Design-Engine.com. A bit of nostalgia for a geek like me too, as it was one of the last projects I completed on an SGI UNIX machine.
2000 to 2007

A few of my older projects, mostly from my first few years post-graduation. Design was a different profession back then (early 2000s). Most of these projects pre-date Apple's current domination of the world's ideas surrounding good design. The CAD-driven form craziness of the 90s was giving way to simpler tastes but design was still rather expressive and several tech breakthroughs were just beginning. It was a wild time to come into the field and a lot of fun to figure out how things like wireless communication, digital content, and mobility would influence lifestyles and products.