Art Direction and visualization for an ad in iLounge's digital magazine that ran during CES 2012. Since LUNATIK's early days, I've created or overseen the majority of our visualization, photography, and advertising design.
Ard Direction, visualization, and photography for this ad for the Touch Pen.
Packaging design for AnTik, LUNATIK's line of analog watch modules for those that wanted a watch kit but didn't own a nano. My goal was to simplify the packaging as much as possible, while continuing LUNATIK's constant use of premium materials. A simple piece of EVA foam is die cut and a plastic sleeve is slipped over to hold the product in place. Working with the natural properties of the EVA, we were able to press the logo and product name into the foam itself rather than resorting to printing.
After the mad scramble to ship the first watch kits to our Kickstarter backers, we took a step back and thought a bit more strategically about our packaging. We came up with a clear box that showed the watch kit directly, letting the materials and construction of the products tell their own story, and went with a high-contrast white and black graphic treatment to buck the trend of black Apple-inspired packaging everyone else favored.
LUNATIK Image Design + Packaging

None of this was supposed to happen. Scott Wilson posted an iPod nano watch kit idea on Kickstarter expecting only slight interest from the community. A month later, we had nearly $1 million in orders and a new company to create. I've been involved with the design of LUNATIK's products and the creation of the LUNATIK brand from the beginning.