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The Touch Pen enables instant jumps between paper and touch screens with a familiar pen click motion. This is a much simpler interaction method than other styli that have a different tip at each end or rely on removal of a cap between media.
Simple idea; many complex details. There is indeed a reason that entire companies, such as Cross, Bic, and Parker exist solely to make pens.
Working on identifying and eliminating manufacturing flaws in some of the first prototypes.
Kickstarter backers that had participated in LUNATIK's first project were eligible for a serialized Touch Pen + LYNK set in Kickstarter green.
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I led design and development work during and after the Touch Pen's successful Kickstarter campaign. Self-manufacturing is dramatically more complex than consulting, as this project reminded us. There is no "throwing it over the wall" to engineering. Ultimately the whole team is in the project together until it ships.