iPhone 3G Capsule Case for Uncommon - Uncommon discovered and developed a process that enables one-off customization in mass-produced products. Their unique printing process allows graphics of any type to be printed on complex product forms. We designed a protective iPhone case as their launch product. Low-profile and made of the highest quality materials we could find, it ultimately helped Uncommon gain presence in Apple's retail stores, some of the most coveted retail space in the world.
We briefly explored making cases for some non-Apple products as well. I designed a case for the Blackberry Storm 2 and experimented with some solid color options for those that might not want detailed graphics.
In startups you wear many hats and do whatever you must to get product out the door. For about a year, I art directed and created a series of print ads that ran in Juxtapoz magazine. Our goal was to communicate just how flexible Uncommon's technology was, seamlessly blending our printed protective cases with artwork from emerging artists such as MQ, Ryohei, and Phunk.
The ads were created entirely digitally using our engineering surface data and artwork approved by the artists.
A couple of early ad concepts I assembled using stock image thumbnails. Ultimately we decided not to go this direction, but these were fun to make. Obviously the idea was to show how Uncommon's customized cases could be used to show one's personality.