Internal render
Sky Cafe - Terrace Cafe with a view
Stylized image - This one, I've thrown pretty much everything at!! Not turned out too bad though
Office building - Again, trying out more stylised visuals
Student Bar - Styalized image for university student bar
Empty room
Roof off axo - Roof removed to view internal layout
Atrium View - High level view of atrium space
Building Model - University Building
External rendering
Site axo
Black and White Stairs
Display pod
James Stirling Engineering Building Leicester - Model of the Engineering Building at Leicester University by James Stirling. Modelled from photographic information
Concrete Facade - Concrete facade.
Spherical room - More of an excercise that a finished scheme, but wanted to put it in here. O, and I know there is no door...
College - Entrance for a college in the West Midlands
Adam Whalley
Visualiser. Derby, United Kingdom