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TMA Pai Memorial - This is a 3-D visualization of a proposal for the TMA Pai Memorial at Manipal. This was done during my stint as Senior Architect, NM Salim & Associates.
The Folio: Cover Design -
This graphic plays on 3 facrors:
- Texture
- Color
- Intensity

The rough texture depicts the journey, the color the energy, determination and hardship and the intensity of light the start and target of the journey.

This was created for the cover design of my own portfolio.
Convention Centre, Le Merdian, Cochin - 3-D Visualizatiion of the Convention Centre at Le Meridian Cochin. This was also done during my stint as Sr. Architect.
The World in the New Millenium - This is a screenshot of a series that depicts the world we live in, depicting the effect of Nuclear Weapons and the changed World Order.

This series tries to capture the destruction of the world into the new millenium.
Myself - This was an experiment on creating unconventional images from conventional sources.

This was created by scanning a negative on a regular scanner, inverting it, monochramizing it to derive an effect of an old, torn photoraph.
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