Tovar Brothers Bomb
Gypsy Rose
'58 Impala Low Rider
Twilight Zone.
62 Impala Low Rider
426 HEMI Illustration
Don Garlits HEMI
Barn Find Camaros
Harley WLA - Airbrush rendering made in Illustrator and Photoshop.
1910 Harley Davidson Board Tracker Motorcycle Illustration
Bud Light Lime drag bike
"Lil Nasty" Drag Bike Illustration
Bud Light Lime Drag Bike Illustration
Rat Rod Illustration
56 Mercedes Gullwing
63 Corvette
C7 Corvette
The Money Shot
34 Hot Rod - Car portrait done in Illustrator and Photoshop.
58 Chevy
Big Rig Illustration
Big Rig Tankers Illustration
Ground Pounderz Vette
Ground Pounderz Lotus
Ground Pounderz Mustang
Sparky's indy
Danica Patrick Indy Car - Digital airbrush painting for Danica Patrick merchandise, website and truck graphics.
Bernstein Dragster - Digital airbrush painting for Bud King Racing merchandise and apparel.
Pro Stock Dragster
Pontiac Pro Stock Dragster
John Deere Farm Equipment Illustration
4-4-0 Train - Illustration of an 1880s train
Santa Fe Super Chief - Illustration for retail items.
Patillo Brothers' P-51s - Digital illustration for screen printed apparel.
P-51 Mustang Illustration
F-4U Corsair Illustration
US Navy Trainers
Cessna 340
Fire Bomber - Stock illustration.
USCG Barque Eagle - Digital Illustration done in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
Jets Illustration for Children's Book
Fire Trucks Book Illustration
Construction Site Book Illustration
Traffic Helicopter Illustration
Airport Book Illustration
Motorcycle Illustration for Children's Book
Children's Book Illustration of Submarines
Tug Boat Illustration
Dot's Diner - Self-promotional artwork
Vehicle Illustration

Digital Illustrations of vehicles for various projects.

Scott Seibel
Artist/Illustrator Tempe, AZ