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Bubble Ball Inflatable Bath Tub

Project Goals: Inflatable tubs are ideal for babies who are learning to sit because unlike hard plastic tubs, inflatable tubs offer a soft cushion if baby falls over. They are inexpensive, can be stored flat, and are convenient for travel. Infantino wanted to come out with a tub that is not only safe, but fun for baby, too. We were inspired by our research with parents who were putting ball pit balls in the bath tub.

Result: An adorable, safe, inflatable tub that delivers more play value than other inflatable tubs on the market. The jingle ball tail provides entertainment for baby but also can be used as a head rest.

Role:Product designer, project lead for Infantino. Research, mockup making, sketches, concept illustration and renderings, specification drawings for production.

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Freelance, Full-time
Stacy Castro
Product Designer Madison, WI