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ring: ABOUT PINK TYTY DRESS …synesthetic memories about physical touch, eroticism without poetry…
ring: PULLED OUTSIDE WITH US. passionate, aggressive, mythical, erotic …where meaning lays under the symbol of horse and understanding about it comes from characters fight with his own ego…
"Sorry I forgot. Le mount." Artificial resin, natural pigments (copper, zinc, granite). '14
Ring: DEATH GRIPS. Where color tells everything, yes yes – fluorescent magenta and shape of the ring is unifying this fact – it is simple but not ‘quiet’…
"Restricted Flow". Artificial resin, zinc white. '14
Double ring: ABOUT RED DADA. The one that has a lot of details and still being abstract in colors – from deep and intense red to dark and sky blue on a white detailed surface. Mysterious and yet aggressive [...]. This is the one that has naturally outstanding look and made to be worn on two fingers…
Ring. "RESTRICTED FLOW, pt2.1". This one's technique reflects the title: stream of melting silver and copper mutually flows in and around the resin in pre organised flow but in it's own matter. '14
"Backseat Ride Backwards". Artificial resin, zinc oxide, '14.
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DADA PEAK, pt.1. snippets from '14 collection of rings

DADA PEAK, pt.1. Collection of jewelry rings. mixed media.

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Benas Staskauskas
Jewelry. Sculpture Reykjavik, Iceland