Bel Fusto

Bel Fusto is a bench designed for entry, a piece of furniture "in one piece", composed of a session, from a hanger and an umbrella stand. Its forms and its materials take cue from nature. The wood, represented by a multilayer silver fir of about 2 cm, constitutes 90% of the entire product. The bench, curved between the seat and the base, generates a shape of a "C" stretched, divided by a shelf, in which it generates a double space which can be used as target objects / shoes / slippers. On the bench is leaning against a cushion of green mustard that conforms to the shape of the seat. The circular umbrella stand made of aluminum and is released by opening around the bottom of the pole.It can be used at will and in the direction you want. Maximum size: 184 x 120.5 x 41 cm.

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Stefano Grasselli
Industrial Designer Milano, Italy