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MegaBloks Play 'n' Go Table - Oppenheim Platinum Award 2009 - Through focus groups and discussions with parents, we discovered that the disadvantage of most preschool tables on the market is their bulkiness and the inability to easily hide them away. The goal for this table was to have a fun, collapsing, portable toy that would also store all of its pieces.

The collapsing legs allow the parent to fold it up and store it away when it's not being used. Also, the handles and portability also make it a great toy to go on a trip to Grandma's house!
Play 'n' Go Table Features - Unlock the legs and flip them under the table for easy storage. Store all your blocks inside the table top, lock the plates in place and then you're ready to go!
Initial Concept Sketch for Focus Group - This was one of 9 concepts that were shown to panels of parents in a discussion about preschool tables and construction toys.

Most moms reacted very positively to this concept since it combined portability and play! No more big, bulky table, taking up space in the living room!
Preliminary Design Sketch - With the results of the focus group, we began to develop the idea further, exploring play pattern and features in a plastic, injection molded design.
MegaBloks Play n Go Table
Stephanie Lemoine
Design Manager Toronto, ON