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Yo Gabba Gabba! + Mega Bloks!
Dancing, Buildable Figurines!
First ideation sketches for the buildable Gabba Land skus
Figurines DANCE when you push the post on their heads!
Mix and Match Yo Gabba Gabba Figurines - Each figurine splits at the waist, and you can mix and match their tops and bottoms! You can even stack them one on top of the other, and make them all dance!!
Buildable Gabba Land!!!
Muno's World!
Foofa's World!
Brobee's World!
Toodee's World
Plex's Tour Buggy Ideation Sketch - Initial idea sketch! The concept evolved after this, and in particular, we decided to switch Brobee for Muno. I even drew some mullet rockstar wigs that Muno could wear.. they didn't make final costing, however. :(
Plex's Tour Buggy!! - Plex's buggy is now a TOUR buggy! Plex the roadie is driving Rock Star Muno to the show! Upon arrival, they set up the tour buggy into the venue... now they're ready to ROCK OUT!!!

(PS. Even more rockshow rebuilds are possible!)
BoomBox Dance Party Ideation Sketch - The initial ideation sketch for this toy! DJ Lance's Boombox transforms into a buildable, DANCE PARTY!!! The Boombox has storage, and the front plates come off to create sweet build off surfaces, where you can build the partay.
DJ Lance's BoomBox Dance Party! - The final product!

The Boombox plays 4 hit Yo Gabba Gabba songs!
- The YGG Theme Song
- Party in my Tummy
- It's time to Dance!
- Freeze Tag

You can also add 'Plex FX' by pushing the oval red button! It adds sweet robot sound effects and dj bursts to the music.

The red speakers are dancefloors that you can spin to make the figurines dance!

Comes with tons of blocks to build the sweetest dance party EVER!!
DJ Lance's BoomBox Dance Party! - Storage of all the pieces beneath the build off plates!
DJ Lance's BoomBox Dance Party! - HEY KIDS! Party hard with the YGG Boombox!!!

"Listening and Dancing to music, issss.... AWESOME!!!!"
Yo Gabba Gabba Construction Playsets
Stephanie Lemoine
Design Manager Toronto, ON