A palm tree is reflected in the side mirror of a motorcycle overlooking the beach in Scauri, Italy.
A wall relief, or bas relief sculpture, in Italy. I believe this was in Florence, but these are visible absolutely everywhere on buildings in Italy. They depict historical and mythological scenes.
A panorama from a balcony in Rome, Italy.
The wall of the daycare across from the bank in Scauri, Italy is covered in children's handprints.
The duck pond across from Lido il Ragno in Scauri, Italy.
One boat is silhouetted on the horizon in the Bay of Gaeta in Gaeta, Italy.
The main road, Via Appia, has this view as you drive north toward Gaeta, Italy. A US Navy ship is visible to the far right.
Photography Around Italy

Photography throughout the luminous country of Italy.

Stefania McKinnon
Artist/Website Designer New Orleans, LA