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Valspar was a group project. My responsibility was the reception area. As a team we had to come up with a way to make the whole space flow well together. This is also in a PDF in my portfolio.
This was one of my beginning projects I had to do. We had to create a room. I created a living room.
This was a group project I have done creating a booth for a restaurant. We chose Subway. I was in charge of the lighting and fixtures.
This was an in class project that we had about a half hour to create that was shown up at the screen.
This was a project that the assignment was to pick a photograph of an object online and replicate it using 3D Studio Max.
This was another project I was given where I had to pick an object but that I owned and create it as realistic as possible.
This was part of a group project. The assignment was to create a concert setting with a video, wristbands to hand out., and a poster. My job was to create the wristband.
3D Studio Max

Here are some of my projects I have done using 3D Studio Max. Some of these came from group projects.

Stephanie Moore
Creative Designer at Duluth News Tribune Duluth, MN