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Pierre Foods Trade Advertisement - Pierre Foods is a foodservice provider to school cafeterias nationwide. An eye-catching visual was needed to promote their commitment to healthy eating and maintain brand awareness.

[ PROJECT SCOPE ] Create a memorable ad with little budget for photography or illustration. Quick turnaround required.

[ CLIENT ] Jesculca/Terman & Associates for Pierre Foods.
Kronos Pre-oiled Fillo Strip Ads
Kmart Onesheets - These one-sheets were inserted into targeted consumer savings guides to promote Kmart’s holiday merchandise and sales. Attention to detail and quick turnaround required.

[ MY ROLE ] Design and production

[ CLIENT ] Schawk Retail Marketing for Kmart
Everyday Mathematics Trade Advertisement - [ CLIENT ] The Wright Group/McGraw-Hill
Zap2it.com Trade Advertisement - [ PROJECT SCOPE ] Part of a brand awareness campaign to promote the launch of Zap2it.com, this ad ran in the Hollywood Reporter in 2000.

[ MY ROLE ] Art direction, stock photo research, turnkey production and design.

[ CLIENT ] Tribune Media Services for zap2it.com
Stephani Kuehn
Experienced Art Director & Graphic Designer Chicago, IL