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Zoomorphic approach to vehicle form language. Nautilus namesake analysis sketches.
Quick ideation sketches to define attitude and proportion adaptation of zoo-morph analysis.
Airflow illustration with internal structure continuing nautilus inspiration. (Rhinoceros 3D)
Created in Rhinoceros, refined in Alias Automotive then finally rendered and animated in Alias Showcase.
Rhinoceros and Modo used to rebuild as a quad based mesh model.
Various detail test renders in Modo.
The battery module, here from the Duracell brand. As the module form factor is proposed to integrate liquid cooling, high voltage electrical connection, high bandwidth local networking and refined high pressure petroleum piping, many differing power systems could be employed by any brand conforming to module specification.
Here is an example of a dual micro-turbine gasoline based generator with puncture proof high pressure capable fuel tank.
An explosion view of parts. The model was created with nods to gap tolerances of moving parts with particular attention to joints' range of motion and is not simply a static aesthetic exercise.
Brammo Nautilus concept

Concept electric motorcycle with modular power system for the Brammo brand.

Stephan Park
Industrial Designer, Interface Designer Los Angeles, CA