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Microsoft Presentation Notebook - The FCN utilizes projector and tablet capabilities in a simple and easy to use design. Professors and business professionals can create and present presentations and lesson plans with the same unit. They no longer have to worry about issues such as compatibility, screen resolution, unavailable equipment or faulty wiring. During the presentation, the presenter can detach the screen and use it as a remote to control the FCN, allowing them to interact more freely with the audience.
Wal Mart P. O. P. - The PhotoShare is a digital photo album and frame. The PhotoShare's P.O.P. connects to the security device on the camera bar at your local Wal Mart store.
NOAA Tornado Alarm - The Tornado Alarm alerts the consumer of up and coming danger. It's ability to detect, warn and inform saves lives. The Tornado Alarm uses three units. The main unit is kept in the homeowner's safe area and relays NOAA information to the homeowner during a tornado. Satellite units are placed through out the house. Using light and sound, they guide the users to their safety area.
Hand Vacuum - The handheld vacuum cleans up dirt on the floor as well as in the air. The air purification system provides a second function in addition to vacuuming. The sculptural form of the vacuum can be left in a highly visible location making it easily accessible when random spills and accidents happen.
IDEA Sink Sponge - 2005 IDEA BRONZE

The sink sponge cleans cups and glasses inside and out. The contour of the sponge works with the contour of the glass. The internal cavity of the sponge accepts the bottom of the glass cleaning its exterior while the forms large taper cleans the glasses interior. This new method of cleaning creates a single hand interface that keeps the users hand out of the glass preventing cuts to the wrist or hands if the glass breaks.
Flavor Coffee Filters - Filter Illustration by Austin Rucker
Life Style Shelf
Fossil Ladies Dress Watch
Footwear - The shoe's flowing form is derived from the organic shape of a leaf. The leaf's subtle detail promotes sweeping curves and asymmetrical orientation creating
an elegant fashion accessory.
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CIA Portfolio 2006
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Stephen Hornbeek
Consumer Electronics Design Manager at Disney Consumer Products Glendale, CA