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Edoras - Completed in chalks and pastels. Initial inspiration came from the scene 'Edoras' in the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.
Bath Abbey - Drawn on A4 in pen and pencil. Im impressed by the finished image in terms of style however it is ruined by the monumental failure in regard to correct perspective.

From this drawing I learnt a great deal about analysing drawings by taking the 'step back' every so often. I spent many hours adding fine detail to this drawing, not realising until it was too late that the building is out of proportion.
RYU - Initial sketch imported into photoshop for colour and correction. The image was copied by eye from Street fighter 4 concept art and then I experimented with recreating the splashed ink effect that appears prominently in the game.
Fictional Landscape - I began this scene as a freehand sketch on a piece of incredibly crude lined paper.
Once I had completed the composition of the drawing I scanned it into photoshop to continue.
This drawing helped me experiment with brush marks and techniques for drawing within photoshop instead of just using it for touching up work.
Concept Painting for 'Community Castle' - Despite the visual conceptual look, this painting illustrates some important features of the overall design, such as the entrance, general form and surrounding context.
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Stephen Hunter
Stephen Hunter Manchester, United Kingdom