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The cattle-skulled Heavy Metal Munny
featuring metal horns in the skull and a slew of tattoos
The skull was my favorite part to paint
The demon living in the skull
The munny pre-mod and the new tools
Carving in some cracks
Using eyelet screws to secure the horns
Complete skull after baking
The centaur legs and pronounced spine
Scupley spiked bracelets
Some subtle skin features and chest tattoo were draw on using markers
A skeleton eagle back tattoo
I had a lot of fun getting super detailed with this sinister smile
This ended up being a lot harder to sculpt than I thought, but I was happy with the results
Heavy Metal Munny Mod

If you haven't taken a shot at modding a Munny (by Kidrobot®), I highly suggest you contribute to the incredible community of Munny artists. I had a blast doing my first one, and I plan to do many more in the future. I title this first one Heavy Metal Munny. It was for a friend who is a huge "Lamb of God" fan. I used a combination of Super Sculpey®, screws, tin foil (for armatures), markers and acrylic paint to make this Munny.

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Stephen Diebold
Industrial Designer San Francisco, CA